Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Samuel Adams Imperial Stout (Boston Beer Co, Boston, MA)

This one pours a jet black and a fluffy brown head that lingers for a long while. Especially as it warms, a clear alcohol hotness (9% so that makes sense) confirmed by legs when tilted to the side; a very strong oakiness in the nose over top of sherry and dark fruits. Bitter chocolate, stale coffee and dark molasses invades the entire mouth and lingers with a bit of hop. An extremely smooth but uncompromising version of a Russian Imperial Stout. Looking at other reviews, many seasoned drinkers seem to like it betterthe flavors are strong, but mostly balanced, but may turn off those who aren't accustomed to an RIS but giving the Sam Adams a try on recognition. Boston Brewing Company is kicking it up a notch with its Imperial series, and this is one not to be missed.