Monday, June 29, 2009

Moto-i (Minneapolis, MN)


Attended the tour of the sake brewery with the MN Homebrewers.  Our service was excellent and attentive to the needs of people who don't know sake, me included. I had a rice bowl for a larger meal than the small plate appetizers, per my server's recommendation. Overall, the food was excellent, except a friend's daily special meal, which was comped in spite of not really complaining.

Overall, a sake brewery in Minneapolis is interesting, as is doing a good job in a new food arena. Another friend on the tour had taken Japanese business associates here for dinner and they were impressed with the existence of a Japanese style pub but also the quality of the sake. Worth a trip IF one is inclined to go for the sake experience with good food. Also, the local MN beer I had, Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison, went well with the meal and was well served since I didn't have time for a second (highly alcoholic) sake before leaving.