Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Fingers (Flat Earth Brewing, St. Paul, MN)

Two Fingers doesn't show up on the beer geek network, but an MNBeer post lists the beer as Flat Earth's five year anniversary brew.  The post was almost a month ago, so the growler I bought might've been in the fridge for a while--and then a week in mine  before I had time to get a pint poured.

Hazy amber to brown ale--not what I expected for a double IPA.  Clean, barely-off-white head that has a nice lace.  Heavy grassy hops, citrus and muddled malt in the taste that's somewhat supported by a citrus and biscuit nose.  Leaves the mouth dry and hoppy.  Slight oiliness betrays a higher gravity, but the alcohol is only apparent in the feel of the beer, which hits like a hammer.

Good beer, but it doesn't have the clean hop pop that I look for in a double IPA.  Good, no great, but perfectly fine as a Sunday afternoon beer.  Drinking the rest of the growler over the day, warmth really helps the balance of this beer.  Take your time if you get a chance with this one.  I'm not disappointed with the growler, but I don't see this one becoming a regular without some fine tuning.


  1. I ordered a keg of this for the upcoming Hop Heads Only 4 at the Nile, without reading any thoughts, notes or reviews. Sounds "good enough."

  2. Definitely. Curious if a draft will brighten it up a bit. Hopefully I'll get a chance to come down to compare.