My original intention for pint sized revelations was to be a memoir of a beer geek.  I've concluded that no one is going to read hundreds of posts from the beginning, so below is a chronological organization of milestone posts—just start at the top and work down.  

This page, like my beer journey, is a work in progress that will be revised constantly.  At some point, it may turn into a unified work—or not. No one knows the end of his path.

  1. birth of a beer obsession (Part 1)
  2. birth of a beer obsession (Part 2) Rolling Rock
  3. birth of a beer obsession (Part 3) Blue Moon
  4. First and Last
  5. On Drinking Alone
  6. How I research for a beer trip
  7. Craft in Cans: Give Me a Tallboy!

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