Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lonely Blonde (Fulton Brewing, Minneapolis, MN)

Picked up a growler of Lonely Blonde after a tour Fulton Brewing.  While, normally, I'm not the target audience for blonde ale, I wanted to give all three in growlers a chance.

Almost white head with irregular bubbles over a straw yellow ale with hints of amber.  Fresh bread maltiness and a hint of corn in the nose with an elegant spice note and green apple from the 29 IBUs, and maybe from the yeast a bit.    Clean malt and spice on the tongue that's supported by a heavier than expected mouthfeel.  Almost 5% ABV, I'm guessing a good malt bill contributes to the fullness.  Still a light beer, the spice floats above the malt with some impact.  Nicely balanced beer that even warms up well for yellow beer.

My first sample of Lonely Blonde was at Autumn Brew Review in 2010, and my impression was far less favorable.  My guess is that tough festival conditions and a small sample of a more delicate beer impaired a fair tasting.  Fresh and from the brewery, it's a solid beer that's refreshing with a complex taste that explains why a large number of folks are drinking with a Lonely Blonde at the tap room today.

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