Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hopsession Super Pale Ale (Brau Brothers, Lucan, MN)

Hopsession is a pale yellow with a bright white head that leaves a thin lace  Brilliantly bright and fruity nose full of grapefruit, mango and a hint of lemon over a light, bready malt.  The sessionable part of the beer is the 4.2% ABV, but a small malt bill doesn't lead to a light mouthfeel.  Smooth and chewy with an assertive, grassy hop bite that loses some of the fruit from the nose.

Delivering a hop bite is always a relative matter.  Bigger the beer, the more hop is needed.  Brau Brothers does a nice job of creating a smooth American hop delivery vehicle without making it thin.  Hopsession is a great go-to beer to have in the fridge for the summer.  According to the website, it's only around until 100 Yard Dash comes out in the fall.  I'm going to assume from this sixpack (and some of the BA reviews), that'll it'll come back again soon.

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