Tuesday, September 4, 2012

White House Homebrew

Jimmy Carter made it possible for states to make homebrewing legal in 1978, which may have been some of the most effective legislation ever.  Many, if not most, craft brewers started with homebrew and it sparked an entire industry.  

Today, even President Obama is into homebrew.  The release a few days ago of the White House homebrew recipes for Honey Ale and Honey Porter just makes me smile.  In the span of just over thirty years, American beer has transformed via the Office of the President from Billy Beer (linked for those too young to remember) to homebrew being poured at White House gatherings.  Just spectacular.  

I know it's made by White House staff, but I'm perfectly fine that Obama is spending his time on other issues.   As a proud extract brewer, I dismiss an oblique reference to all-grain snobbery that I read in one article.  Homebrew is homebrew: period.  And, I get that it is a conveniently timed political pitch to make Obama more of an Everyman than Romney.  In our world of high stakes campaigning, everything from both camps is a political statement.  A homebrew drinking President is not only a well played rhetorical card, it makes a statement as to how far beer has come.  

I might even pick up a kit from Northern Brewer and make some White House Honey Porter for November.  

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