Friday, September 28, 2012

The Libertine (Fulton Beer, Minneapolis, MN)

By coincidence, my stop at Fulton Beer for the tour just happen to be the tapping of their seasonal brew The Libertine.  Besides having it on draft, there were three firkins of spiked Libertine: added cherry or hard maple, and one aged in red oak.

Pretty beer in the glass that's maroon at the center and blood red with light.   8.5% alcohol is apparent, leaving a peppery note that blends with light hops, cherry, caramel and a hint of chocolate.  Rich, oily mouthfeel  that's surprisingly light with dark cherry and a trace hop bitterness.  I drank my draft at the tap room too fast and warming balances the beer for my home pour.

Not a new top ten brew for me, but I like sipping it at home on a fall evening while watching a movie.  Smooth and relaxing warmth on a chilly night.

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