Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rye Hatter (New Holland Brewing, Holland, MI)

New Holland is a great brewery that produces one of my all time favorites: Dragon's Milk.  Mad Hatter IPA is their flagship brew, though I haven't always liked it.  But, Mad Hatter has always been zany with randalized, dry hopped and other versions at festivals.  For their 15th Anniversary, New Holland is hatterizing seven different version of their flagship.

I came across Rye Hatter at Chicone's and couldn't pass up the new version.  Hazy copper ale with an off white head that builds quickly and lingers.  Nose is an assertive hop blend with a pungent rye note.   In the taste, the rye battles with the hops for supremacy over a caramel sweetness that attempts to balance but comes up short.  Dry finish keeps the rye and hop lingering in the mouth.

A good beer that's an overflowing punch of flavor that I'm enjoying for tonight, but I probably won't pick up another bottle of it.

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