Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saison Nourrice (Harriet Brewing, Minneapolis, MN)

Driving home from a great but exhausting weekend at the state speech tournament at Chanhassen High School,  I realized cruising down 494 that I now had more time on my hands to hunt down some good beer.  So, I immediately headed over to Harriet Brewing to fill my long neglected growlers and discovered a festival.  Harriet was still selling growlers, but the parking lot was filled with tents, music, and, I assume, beer.  Since finding a parking spot wore me out, I just got three growlers to start my off-season.

I couldn't figure out the name just hearing it, so need to look up Saison Nourrice on Harriet's website. No explanation of nourrice, but a google search says its French for a child caretaker or wet nurse.  I don't really get the name, but the sample on site was good enough to grab a growler.  Pale straw gold ale that bubbles continuously to support a fluffy, stark white head.  Strong nose full of heavy pepper, spice, yeast and underlying citrus fruit.  Taste follows the nose with a clean peppery spice that bites lightly on top of a light malty sweetness.  Spiciness lingers after a dry finish.

A very solid beer that I'm quickly becoming a fan of half way through the growler.  If you like pepper in your farmhouse ale, this is a must try for you.  Hops come in at 40 IBUs, and while not large, some of the spiciness is clearly supported by the hop character.  At 6.7%, Saison Nourrice is light and easy drinking in spite of being a pretty big beer.  Watch out for this one if drinking at your local.


  1. Cal! How'd I miss you, buddy, I was there all day long! Oh, you probably didn't enter the fest. Stop by the taproom some time, you might catch me spinning classic jazz on vinyl.

  2. I didn't go in the fest. Too tired--just wanted growlers. Hope to get out and about more in the near future.