Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kraftbrau Brewery (Kalamazoo, MI)

Closed according to BeerAdvocate.  

Stopped at Kraftbrau en route to Bell's across the street (their parking lot is easier to see than Bell's which is behind the brewery). A band was playing, but they waved the $10 cover so that I could have a beer--maybe because I simply turned around when I saw the stiff cover and decided they had nothing to lose by letting me in.  
A very cool old brick building sticking straight up on the corner of the lot. Looks like other stuff used to be around it, but this is the last one standing. Inside has a close, dark, closeted feel with a small stage opposite of the bar. 

The place seems to be more music than beer, but the beer was ok. Nothing stood out as stellar, though the Amber Ale was very smokey and almost tasted like a Rauchbier, which I didn't mind but it might have scared many of the regular patrons. Unless the band was just pulling in a lot of macro types, all I heard at the bar was "give me something light." The hefe seemed to be doing well and was the heaviest thing going out for most of the drinkers. All the beers were drinkable, which was good because it was hot and didn't seem air conditioned at all. 

Ok stop for the samples and to see a new variety of brewpub.  

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