Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Wolf Pack Brewing Co (West Yellowstone, MT)

This was one of the weirdest pub hunts ever. My wife and I ordered the Wapiti Wheat Hefeweizen and Embalmer's Eisbock samples to start ($1.50 for six ounce samples for all beers except the Eisbock was double). Both were exceptional. My wife ordered a ($8) pint of the Eisbock and it was well worth itwish I had gotten more of it.

Emboldened by the good beer, we ordered a margherita pizzaa bold move in Montanabut the beer was good, so it seemed ok. We both agreed that it was the worst pizza we've ever had: doggy, tomatoes were old, cheese was a little too strong to be good. Ugh. Ordered french fries to cover, which were very good. Crispy and incredibly well seasoned, somewhat like potato oles at Taco John's (which is a compliment for us), we'd go back for just the fries alone if in town.

Then I tried the other beers. The pilsner, and, especially, the Patriot Pale Ale had very off flavors and poorly done. The Storm Castle Irish Stout was good and fairly well done, but not superior. None matched the first two beers at all.  Overall, this was one of the best and worst stops on this vacation. If going to Yellowstone, show up during the day for this pub (open noon to 8 p.m only because of Montana law, according to the door), order food safe for the backcountry, and, when you find a beer you like, stick to it.

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