Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stone Brewing Tour (Escondido, CA)

A Twins fan working at Stone--it's a small world after all. 
Before a late lunch at Stone, we signed up immediately for the tour.  We arrived at least an hour before opening to get in line to sign up for the tour and hung out in the slightly chilled morning with other acolytes.

Smiley Cal between the fermentation tanks
Our perky guide with Stone's
"this is what beer is made of" display
Double checking online, Stone has changed it's policy recently.  The free tour is now $3 for adults, but someone can be sent as point to conveniently buy same day tour reservations for your group.
View of the brewery from the bar
Good stuff in barrels to age
Stone is trying to reduce the pile up and adding a special beer and glass for the price.  Interesting upgrade and this system would have allowed my cousin and her husband to join the tour at the last minute since they couldn't show up early on the day we visited.
??? Not sure.  But cute.  
Working the fermenters while
we're on vacation
I didn't take any notes, which may be evident.  And, it's been so long now since we did the tour that I don't confidently remember enough to provide details.  Sorry.  I had fun and learned a bit about my favorite brewery--smiling the whole time.
High speed centrifuge for clarification  
Lab.  Points to the advancement from the cowboy
days of yore at the Lost Abbey site.  
Go, drink, have fun.  It's Stone.  In the future, I'm looking forward to staying at the Stone Hotel that's planned across the parking lot, repeating the tour and dinner, and drinking my fill until I'm forced to stumble my way through a short walk home.

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