Sunday, March 18, 2012

Organic Real Lager (Laverstoke Park Farms, Overton, UK)

After the tournament in Northfield, a few of us headed back to The Contented Cow to chat and relax in the sun after a fine day of speech competition.  While languishing for another beer because of a disorganized waitress, I headed to the bar myself to pick up another.  Not able to get a bottle list, I lingered in the back of a group also trying to get served and was attracted to an empty on the bar with a rather interesting label.

It was Laverstoke Park Farms Organic Real Lager from Overton in the United Kingdom.  While my table mates were a bit surprised by the lightness of my selection (and the cartoonish label), I explained that I got it simply because I'd never heard of it and it would tick a new brewery on the list.

Looks like an interesting organic farm with beer being a small part of an overall food production.   The beer is listed on the website under a link named Ale, Lager & Biltong.  Evidently, Biltong is similar to jerky but not as sweet.  I'm confused as to why these are pressed together on a single web page, but...there it is.  Also, not sure what "Real Lager" means in the context of "Real Ale" in the CAMRA/UK sense.  Guessing it's just a play on words that it's a "real" lager because it's organic as opposed to a beer related definition--but only a guess.  

Chatting rather than taking notes, I remember only that the hops were clean and refreshing, and had an earthy and spicy quality.  I would've liked a bit more hop, but it was above average for a light lager.  Medium sweet malt in the nose and taste as well, but missing the creamed corn smell of an American light lager.  I would drink one again over a born in the USA macro in a heart beat.  

Not paying attention because my life is rather chaotic at the moment, this beer was inadvertently entry 6000 on the database.   This is total entries with double/triple/quadruple/etc entries beers based on form (draft, bottle, sample, etc).  The shorter list of completely unique commercial beers regardless of form is 4862 at the moment.  Guessing that beer 5000 will happen this summer or fall, depending on whether or not I hit a festival in the near future and how successful the trip to Belgium is this summer.

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