Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New glass from Bruges

We rarely take home souvenirs from our trips.  They take up space in a backpack and take time to find.  As a result, a souvenir needs to find us.  While in Bruges, I found my new daily drinking glass and liked it enough to carry around Belgium and France for over a week wrapped up in paper and a plastic bag.

Walking around central Bruges after closing down De Halve Maan (don't be too impressed--they closed at six pm, along with much of the town for the Ascension Day holiday), we found our way to 't Brugs Beertje and discovered that it is closed on Wednesdays.  I missed that in my prep.  Thanks to my new friend--free wifi, some fast research sent us back past the clock tower to Staminee de Garre.

The house tripel was served in this heavy based glass with bubble buried in its heart.  Solid walls curve to a small top that focuses the aroma, a trait I value with an under-performing nose.  Heavy in the hand, it's very solid and stable, more than the initial impression of the narrow base.

Like traffic in a rear view mirror, it's larger than it appears and big enough to hold a full beer, a tallboy of Tallgrass Velvet Rooster in this case, and leave room for a full, frothy head.  It has very similar qualities to my previous favorite glass, a Dogfish Head snifter that broke a year ago.  However, it is far more sturdy, which gives me hope that it will last as my daily glass for a while.

Thankfully, Gloria told me to get the glass after I kept admiring it.  A final characteristic in favor of taking it home is that there is print on only one side of the glass.  The Duvel glass I picked up at the Blue Nile that has appeared in many of the pint sized pics is a great glass, but the dark decoration distorts the perception of color a bit.  I think this new glass could be a work horse that will also accurately show off the beauty of each beer.

Not bad for a six euro souvenir.  Cheers.

Note: One week later, a sad accident washing cracked the rim of the glass.  Oh well.  There will always be a new cool glass.

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  1. That is an awesome glass. Nice find for six euro!