Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Bulldog Uptown (Minneapolis, MN)


Finally made it over to The Bulldog Uptown. The last time I was here it was the old Mud Pie restaurant  which survives as a menu item as the vegetarian mud pie burger. The veggie burger was good, but not as good as my memory.

The place was crowded and busy for the 1/2 price Belgian night. A range of good Belgians plus a few others that made it well worth the effort to get there. Koningshoeven Quad was on tap, and my first--a treat if you've never had it. St. Feuillien Brune and Triple were my other highlights of the night. All beers were listed and well explained on a sheet for the customer to peruse and make good choice from the explanations. I was able to point my friends in the right direction from the specific descriptions.

I will definitely go back for the well handled and served beer. While not my all time favorite place, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it or return in the future when the opportunity arises, especially for a specialty event.

12/3/12: Since this initial visit, I've been back to The Bulldog Uptown several times.  My evaluation is still the same.  They have a fine selection, good food and provide a nice evening with friends.  I don't go too far out of my way to get to The Bulldog Uptown, but will happily drink there when suggested.

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