Thursday, July 26, 2012

No! We're in Newark

"No! We're in Newark" was the impatient response to his little girl's question while walking along the concourse. Jersey jokes aside, Newark isn't my destination, but might as well enjoy it, if possible.

Brief research on the Concourse C map showed that the Samuel Adams Brew Club was just a gate from where I needed to be. Airport beer is notoriously bad, usually suffering from poorly cleaned lines; yet, I persist in trying to find good beer in bad places.

Like today, the excitement of starting a new trip overwhelms me and I want to log my first beer. Today it's Sam Adams Boston Ale, which, surprisingly, isn't listed as a draft in the database. And, when I saw they were serving in the specially designed Sam Adams glass (and that they have outlets to recharge the iPad), it was clear I was going to spend my down time in Newark here.

Surprisingly, the beer is fairly well served. Clean white head falls with a serious lace and bubbles nicely from the etching on the bottom. Smooth caramel malt with a supporting hop earthiness. Perfectly good pint of Sam Adams.

George noted that the booth I'm in smelled more than a little bit of spilled and spoiled beer, the nachos at the next table looked like melted cheese wiz, and the $10 (w/ tip) price was maybe a bit high. But, the Samuel Adams Brew Club makes for a nice stop between flights and a cute picture.

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  1. Good to see George is making the trip with you. The price seems in line with the Samuel Adams joint we found at Boston's Logan Airport a few years ago.