Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Samuel Adams Utopias 10th Anniversary (Boston Beer Co, Boston, MA)

I decided last time Utopias was released that whenever I could purchase a bottle, I would take the opportunity.  Last month when I saw a post, I called the Ale Jail; one was left, so I drove right there, but missed getting the last bottle by fifteen minutes.  Petschen's was my ticket to my own bottle of this unique beer and I got the last one.  Being that getting this gem released a month or so before my birthday on 12/12/12, it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.  Not going to try to explain Utopias--here's the description from Sam Adams if not familiar. Be sure to check out the tasting video for the 2012 edition at the bottom of the page.

Dark brown with ruby highlights around the edges and served at room temperature, which is mid 60s in our house during winter.  Heavy, exquisite legs on the gratis Riedel glass from the 27% alcohol.  Complex nose of dried date, cherry, dark chocolate, fresh vanilla and spice.  All of which is subdued under a multifaceted, woody alcohol presence that somehow doesn't overwhelm in spite of it's sinus clearing strength.  Taste is lighter than expected from the nose with sweetness, dark fruits and alcohol blending together elegantly that drifts down lightly with no carbonation.

Happy Birthday to me.

1/27/13 update: Between hosting Christmas dinner, a trip to Copenhagen, and re-entry into school and the start of the speech season, I didn't get to the last pour until six weeks later.  I've read from other posts that one can simply seal the container and drink at your leisure.  That was true for the samples just after the 12.12.12 opening.  For the the early samples, including Christmas day with my nephew, I noticed no difference in quality.  However, tonight, there was clear oxidation and it had lost a step.  Since life made it inevitable anyway, it was a useful experiment.  In the future, when opening a Utopias, I'm going to plan to drink it within approximately two weeks.  Probably shorter than necessary, but I'm conservative—on beer quality anyway.

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