Sunday, March 31, 2013

Teresa's Mexican Restaurant (Mendota Heights, MN)

Out shopping for a new car, we were exhausted, late for dinner on a Friday night and looking for a place to chat over the evening's research.  Googled restaurants nearby and Teresa's Mexican Restaurant looked to fit the bill.  Checking the website, Teresa's is a small chain with locations in mostly Minnesota plus Georgia and South Carolina.

Neither of us had every heard of Teresa's but driving up on it in the middle of a strip mall in Mendota Heights, I would never have guessed how large it is inside.  Massive bowl of chips and a container of salsa with individual containers for mixing with hot sauce to a personal hotness was a promising start.  Veggie fajitas were excellent with no weird vegetables; again massive, we plan to split the order for one next time.

My draft with dinner was a Negra Modelo, a slightly better than adequate south of the border interpretation of a dark lager.  Nothing much surprising there except I have never had a draft of this standard Mexican restaurant beer, so it and Teresa's made the database.  In addition, the restaurant has a higher than average number drafts served in 12, 22 and 32 oz sizes. Where most Mexican restaurants will offer the same beers in a bottle, the wider selection of drafts gives Teresa's a bit of an edge for me.

We're planning take our family there on their next visit since they like slightly Americanized, kinda authentic Mexican restaurants with larger portion sizes.  Big booths and lots of tables makes it an excellent location to gather after work or for an evening get together.  Living on the edge of the cities before it goes barren on Hwy 52 by the refinery, it's nice to have a new local restaurant to have an easy dinner without having  to drive to Minneapolis or St. Paul.

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