Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Love of Beer Documentary

From The Love of Beer website:
News of the Pink Boots Society graces the pages of beer writing enough that I am at least aware of the organization and its support of women in the beer industry. But, my knowledge (and the knowledge of many is my guess) of the organization is limited. The documentary The Love of Beer goes a long ways to correcting that oversight by showing the origins of the society plus highlighting the hurdles faced by women in a presently male dominated industry.

While the film lacks some focus and could have benefited from tighter editing, I found the stories to be very interesting and well worth the time invested to get beyond the basics that show up in most articles on the soiciety.  For example, I didn't realize that Barley Angels was the consumer arm of the Pink Boots. Plus, just hearing the perspective of women from inside the industry and how their versions of coming up through the beer ranks have some distinct differences from those of male counterparts that are often featured in beer writing. Maybe not true for everyone, but I would've tried to watch the movie sooner had the title alluded to the movie's content more clearly.  Coming to the movie on Hulu, I knew nothing of it before viewing. Lacking the feminine angle in the title, my mindset set me on the wrong path as I discovered the true focus of the film.
With whatever minor reservations I have of the film, it's well worth the effort to watch and will reward the beer geek with a new level of understanding of our love of beer.

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