Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bugsy's Sports Bar & Brown Street Brewery (Rhinelander, WI)

10/1/06 and 6/9/07

Bugsy's is your basic sports barjust happens to have four beers on tap from mild to milder, all written on a Bud Select imprinted board. TVs all around (one big screen) and half dozen or more pool tables in the next room over from the bar. Ads with Miller girls in skin tight referee shirts were more prominent than the beer list, but they were trying hard. The service was excellentsolicitous even, the bartender filled our classes for us from our pitchers at the bar. She wanted to sell more pitchers of course, but a magic glass that automatically fills is fun too. I ordered a pizza that was thin, hot, and tasty. Not mind blowing good, but it was good local pizza. If I found myself in Rhinelander for some reason, I'd stop in for a couple pints and probably eat there again. However, I wouldn't go too far out of my way. It's better than a regular small town sports bar and looked like it might be a fun place to hang with the locals. (October 2006).

On my second trip (June 2007), there's seems to be trouble in paradise. Only one beer on tap and it wasn't very good and downhill from others I had last time. At the beer festival in Eagle River, I was told several times from different sources that some of the employees of Bugsy's have left for a place down the street and that was to blame. Not sure. Seems like a nice place, the pizza was more than adequate. Just sad to have a bad stop for beer when I passed over another place on the way.

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