Thursday, June 7, 2007

RFD, Regional Food & Drink (Washington, DC)


Sister bar to the Brickskeller, this has a very different feel and attitude. Across the street from the MCI center, it is much more of a sports barI watched the world series on big screens there a few years ago. With that, the atmosphere changes a lot. I've had several great nights, drinking a range of beers with friends and family. A couple of other times, it's been so loud that it's uncomfortable to sit for long. I sit at the bar when possible, though it's often full. When there in a group, we tend to get a table a couple rows back from the bar to have good views of the big screens.

Excellent tap list and there's always something interesting. Special beers on the list also have some very fun scores in my past. My best beer ever was at RFD several years agoa 17 year old bottle of Liefman's Goundenband, aged at the brewery and the bottle only cost $17.95. Sublime.

While I've occasionally skipped the Brickskeller, I've never missed hitting RFD for a stop just to see what's on the specials list and new on tap. One exception was the time that I was leading a group of students to watch the Presidential inauguration and our first meal in down was a Mexican restaurant a half a block away; I could literally read the specials on the sidewalk board and ended up with nothing stronger than hot salsa.  Always several new beers not on my list of just over 3000 beers. Food is good, but we often eat at Fado's down the street or go to Chinatown through the entrance gate and have some good food thereplace called China Garden with a green sign is 1/2 a block and excellent.

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