Thursday, October 27, 2011

Golden Zoe IPA (Thr3e Wise Men, Indianapolis, IN)

Ordered the mug special--$10 for a 25 oz filled mug and you go home with the glass. The mug was for their dubbel Long Fang--which is evidently a online gaming reference that means something is cool or ???. While the very nice waitress explained the reference to me--I don't remember enough of it to relay it here. Nice glass though, and took it home to drink bombers of homebrew. 

Amber IPA with shimmering red highlights back lit by the plasma TVs with three different football games on.  Ever so slightly off white head that falls with a nice lace.  Muddled malt, biscuit, toffee, caramel and grapefruit in the nose. Good caramel and malt base with a nice hop bit as well in the taste--slightly metallic and vegetal taste lingering underneath. Adequate IPA for the moment, but I'm not a fanboy.

Serving type: on-tap

Reviewed on: 10-27-2011 01:25:30

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