Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lava Porter (Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, MN)

In a weird turn, I actually like this beer better in the growler than on draft at the pub--a rare but pleasant surprise opening it up tonight. In a pint glass, it has a fluffy light brown head with very tight bubbles that fall after a bit into a light film across the top of a jet black porter. Light roast in the nose with a bit of biscuit and chocolate. Description at the bar set the beer up for failure I think--mentioned it should be like lava chocolate cake or similar--which it's not. However, it is a nice robust porter with significant chocolate, caramel in the taste; sweet without being cloying; and a slight bitterness from the malt off the back. Maybe a bit light in the mouthfeel, but it's a porter and shouldn't coat your tongue like an imperial stout or such. Glad I ended up with with this one at home.

Serving type: growler


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