Monday, December 19, 2011

Buzz (Los Angeles, CA)

Buzz wine beer shop  
So, Gloria and I were walking across downtown LA towards Angel City Brewing, and we came across Buzz wine beer shop at 460 South Spring St.  If you have been to downtown LA, it's a bit of a wasteland, and I don't mean just a beer wasteland.  A tough neighborhood that's improving very, very slowly, and to see a good beer store was a bit of a surprise.  With expectations raised, we walked in and took a look around.  Being that we had far too much beer at the hotel already, this was just an expedition to see what was there.  In a hurry, I didn't take a specific survey, but the bottles were a very respectable list of west coast big name beers, plus a nice array of Belgians.  Prices seemed reasonable as well, at least for LA.  I take it as a sign that craft beer can move into even unexpected places.

Buzz beer bottle offerings

Taps tasting area in back of  Buzz

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