Thursday, December 8, 2011

Allies Win the War! (21st Amendment, San Francisco, CA)

I'm struggling with Allies Win the War! as to how much I like this beer.  Nice dishwater brown head that has a light lace and falls to a thick film.  Very interesting nose that clearly has the dates touted in the label there, but a serious hop spice to blend with the dark fruit, lemon, pine, cinnamon or anise on top of a thick bready malt. Nice start.   Taste follows somewhat with the malty base and solid fruit, but the hop doesn't follow through.  The earthy, peppery spice lingers but is subdued.  The blending of flavors seems a bit muddled and fight each other.  Mouthfeel is lighter than I expected from the thick malt in the nose.  As the beer warms, the alcohol becomes very apparent in the nose, and gives the beer a slightly oily feel.

A collaboration ale with Ninkasi of Oregon, they aged the English strong ale on California dates with Northwest hops.  Falconer's Flight hops must be the nose from dry hopping.  The "superpower" pitch for the beer's name seems to be a stretch, but all in good fun for good beer.  Still a very interesting beer, at least on paper.  I could see myself being really excited about this beer at a festival by reading the description, but I'm disappointed with the realization of the prose.  21st Amendment is a go-to favorite of mine and I'm ok with the four pack have in the fridge, but I don't see myself replacing it with another.


  1. I was really excited to try it, knowing it was a Ninkasi collaboration (I'm not a 21st A fan) but trying it I was pretty disappointed. I like the can better than the beer inside.

  2. Ditto. The can is very cool. Unfortunately, I've only had a Ninkasi on two occasions, so haven't formed an opinion or an attachment. 21st Amendment's Brew Free or Die and Back in Black are nice daily beers that I can buy on the corner store now.