Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery (Nashville, TN)

Hit Blackstone right after Boscos, which was a good stop, so didn't really know what to expect at Blackstone. Walked into the dark bar/restaurant area in spite of being bright and sunny outside to the green slate main bar in a horseshoe with the brewery behind glass and open to the street. Seemed elegant and airy. Bartender immediately got to me in spite of having her hands full with every stool taken. Of the beers, nothing was really bad--but not outstanding either. Very consistent and well brewed beers, whereas Boscos has a couple of better beers and a couple worse than Blackstone. Of all of them, the kolsch, Chaser Pale, was the best done in my opinion, and I don't really like kolsch generally, so this exceptionally bright and clean ale was a pleasant surprise. The rest were all similar in quality from the Hefeweizen with a good yeasty bite and clove nose to their very drinkable and roasty St. Charles Porter. All in all a good stop. Well done, but not a lot of variety, doubt it would be my local if I lived in Nashville, but nothing wrong at all with a couple of pints on a hot afternoon.

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