Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bluegrass Brewing Co-East St. Mathew's (Louisville, KY)

I've been drinking Bluegrass Brewng Co's brews at Great Taste festival in Madison off and on for years, and have fairly high rankings for their brews. So I was pretty excited to finally get to Kentucky to hit the place in person. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

Just didn't feel like a very friendly place. Maybe it was me or I didn't hang out long enough, but I felt like the outsider sitting alone with locals staring at me w/o comment, which doesn't often happen in many brewpubs in spite of how often I do this. Also, the service was slow, and though I intended to eat here (lots of veggie items beyond standards), I settled up for my rack of samples and left shortly for Cumberland.

Now a great beer can go along way to forgive atmosphere or attitude.  Unfortunately, I only found one beer--the APA that really matched my expectations. T he rest were all good--from the Summer Wheat, El Jefe Hefeweizen, Nut Brown Ale, and Dark Star Porter.  All good but not excellent.  I had read something similar on BA, and found it to be true.  Also, at a later pub stop, a local there made a comment the BBC is having "problems."  She didn't elaborate but clearly wasn't surprised by my experience.

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