Sunday, August 19, 2007

Broadway Brewhouse Midtown (Nashville, TN)

Good music in this very large place on Broadway in the middle of the tourist district, but not as crowded as Big River down the street.  There seemed to be more local people in Broadway, as opposed to the stuff shirts in Big River that caused me to walk out (and recognizing every beer on tap from drinking the chain elsewhere a year ago).

Broadway Brewhouse has a great selection of beers, many local, though I didn't get a clear count. I had a Terrapin Rye Ale on draft, well served, but not as good as I had read about.  Highland Gaelic was next, which is well worth the effort--a very good amber ale.

Had a veggie burrito that was odd but turned out well.  Seemed a bit cold at first but it really grew on me. The cheesy southern styled sauce with the standard rice and black bean burrito was a nice twist for a new flavor.  However, a local at Blackstone said to eat at the Mojo Grille, so that's why I held out.  Non-veggie items may be better, but I don't do that.

Overall, a nice stop if I'm there but won't work overly hard to ever get back. Served the purpose that night. Again, the crowd seemed young on a Friday night and bent on other things that just beer, but everyone around me seemed to be drinking well.

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