Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium (Nashville, TN)

If I lived in Nashville, I think I'd find a place with in walking distance of the Flying Saucer and start working immediately on my UFO Club membership immediately to get my plate on the wall.  Big place with a decent crowd by noon on a Saturday.  Dozens of taps and three pages of beers to choose from--selection is not an issue.  I found a dozen beers that I had never had the opportunity to drink, and those I was able to do were well served with the bartender pouring each beer correctly to style.  Very fun.  They even have thematic draft samples to give budding beer geeks a taste by style or country or by whatever you make up. I was confused why there were so many waitresses standing around in their skimpy beer goddess outfits, but many of them were serving at the beer festival later in the afternoon (my reason for being in town).

Stopped in mainly for food before the Music City Brewers Festival and had my hopes reasonably low after visiting another of the group (they don't like being called a chain--says so on the menu --they're a "family" of like minded beer businesses).  After a mediocre Highland Kashmir IPA (the rest of the Highland beers during the week were superior), I moved on to BBC Jefferson Reserve Stout, light for the style but solid and oaky, a very excellent and well poured bottle of Old Stock Ale 2007, and a draft of Unibroue Blanch de Chambly for the road.  Good set of beers that made the festival a bit rough with the front load, but hard to resist since I knew I wouldn't have a chance to stop at FS later.

For food, I settled on the Goat Cheewe Pizza Slice that was very excellent and about the size of 1/3 a standard large pizza--pricey but awesome.  I'd come back for just this. Few other veggie options at all.  Later in the day the selection and few food items caught up with me, so I paused for an hour or more during the festival.

Great stop and the local beside me said it rotates often enough to always get some thing new. He should know--he and several members of his family had done a full 10 UFO rounds at 200 beers a round (just like Old Chicago, swipe the card, but more selection). If Hooters ever got great beer, it would be just like the Flying Saucer.

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