Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bancreagie Peated Scotch Ale (Brau Brothers, Lucan, MN)

According to the label, Bancreagie is named after the granite that creates the aquifer from which the brewing water comes from in Lucan. The rest of the label basically says they are trying to make an authentic Scottish ale.

Off white head bubbles up high when I tip the glass a bit too hard for the last bit of beer, which settles into a light lace. Amber to copper ale in the glass with highlights around the edge. Definite smokey peat in the nose over top of lots of malt, some hop and a mineral smell. Light and airy in the mouth, peat isn't as strong as the nose would suggest. Strong caramel and burnt biscuit. Not a lot off the backsomewhat disappears. Not a bad beer, but I'm not a huge fan at this point. Happy to drink this one but unlikely to get a six pack.

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