Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thunderstorm Summer Ale (Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, MN)

Thunderstorm is a beer that I didn't much like at all when I first tried it, but really love the beer now. My first note of a beer named Thunderstorm at Town Hall was in 2004, and I'm unsure of how much it's changed over that time. Now it's one of my very favorite beers made by the brewery.

Sunny gold ale that has a puffy white head that has great retention. Light biscuit and malt in the nose with some spicy notes from hops and spices. Like smelling a flowerbut since I'm allergic to flowers, this is so much better. Notes of lavender and lemongrass. Clean and pleasant.

While true to a degree for all beer (or should be), this is truly a multi-sensory ale. Taking in the first taste, the floral and spicy characteristics pop on the tongue and blend with the nose. Each is a bit different and the contribute and build nicely together. Lemongrass comes out in the mouth more, and lingers nicely as you sip on the beer along with a nice sweetness. Slightly astringent as well, but in the very best way.

Carefuldrinking a few can catch you unaware as the immense drinkability of this beer masks the 7% ABV. A very remarkable beer that testifies to Town Hall's quality as a brew pub.

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