Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fat Lorenzo's (Minneapolis, MN)

I'll start with this review, but I would like to go back and give Fat Lorenzo's another chance. May have had a bad night. 

Beer list was good. Maybe 40 beers on the list and a nice combination of locals like Summit and Surly and a few regional like Tallgrass. Asked about taps and was told the bottle list was it. Sitting on the patio, so didn't really look or figure it out. Had a Tallgrass Halcyon and a Summit Honeymoon Saison, both beers I hadn't tried yet, so that was nice. Served in a can and bottle respectively, but brought a pint glass on request. 

Food was alright. Alfredo pasta was good, but a bit watery and the garlic bread was nothing special that came with it. A slice of Slim's veggie pizza was good NYC style, but not quite on the mark. Bit underdone and arrived cold. Which was the crux of the issue--the service was slow.  One meal came out slightly longer than reasonable, but fine for a busy night; two more of us just ordered one slice of pizza each, which took forever to show up and well past when our dining companions were done eating. And, the slices were cold when they arrived--astounding. Still tasted good, but put a damper on the evening and I was the only one willing to give the place another try some time in the future. 

We went there on the strength of the pizza and that my brother in law had had it as delivery, but in person we were sadly disappointed for a place that has a great old school rep. Should probably have sat inside. Patio was extremely loud next to Cedar Ave and I wouldn't sit outside again. Guess there was a reason why the wait for the inside was longer in spite of a being a perfect patio night. Hope to get another chance to eat inside and see if the experience improves. Not an exceptional place for beer, but easily passable if you're there for the pizza.

Reviewed on: 08-11-2011 02:43:42

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