Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti (Great Divide Brewing, Denver, CO)

Started off sharing Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti with my wife, so my leftover taste is pictured.  Roastiness built up for her too much, so I ended up with all of it.  Oh no!

Fluffy, tightly bubbled brown head wasn't as high on the main pour, which falls to a light film and lace.  Smells like Yeti pretty much straight up, as I remember it since I haven't had a glass in a while.  Heavy, dark malt, light fresh vanilla and huge chocolate with alcohol and hop in a supporting role.  As it warms, the hops fight their way to the surface and have a sizable impact.  9.5% ABV leaves clear legs on the side of the glass when I return it to the beer coaster.

More clear Yeti in the taste, but the roast and bitter chocolate grows fully.  The spice that I missed placing in the nose becomes apparent in the taste (after reading the description): cayenne pepper.  Probably the spice in the nose coming through as well.  The spice burns lightly off the back of the tongue and becomes uncomfortable as it warms.

Very good beer to try, though the cocoa nib bitterness and cayenne pepper are too much for me.   Chocolate so prominent in the name threw me for a loop.  I was thinking that I was getting a big chocolaty version of Yeti that would suit my wife to a tee, but got much more in the bargain.  I can imagine a neophyte grabbing this beer with similar reasoning and not liking it.  I wouldn't buy this one again but glad I tried it.  Great Divide is a great brewery and this is a well done beer that I'm sure if perfect for someone. Back to just plain and spectacular Yeti for me.

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