Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GP Liquor (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

Driving around Robert Street, I recently noticed GP Liquor in the small mall with Home Depot and Office Max.  Thought I should give a local liquor store a chance.  According to the little used Facebook page, they've been around for since 2010.  No website that I could find.  For the weekend of home projects, I was at Home Depot already, so took a minute to take a few pics and grab two test six packs.  I chose New Belgium Ranger IPA, often a daily standard for me and a beer that I know well, and Summit's new Saga IPA because it's new.

The selection of craft brew is pretty good.  The picture to the left captures most of the doors that are filled with craft brew before changing over to the macro section.  Pretty standard selection of craft brew--most regionals represented.  No single bottles that I noticed.

Person checking me out mentioned that they are open until 10 pm rather than 8 pm during the week because of the difference in the city ordinances, so that's a possible advantage.

Otherwise, GP is a convenience stop.  With Petschen's right down the street with singles, a wider overall range and a walk in cooler, there's not a lot of reason to hit GP Liquor again.  For me locally, Arbor Pointe Liquors has a similar but slightly more hopcentric selection and singles as well.   GP Liquor seems to be perfectly fine for a six pack stop (at least both six packs were in very good condition), but they aren't a beer geek stop at the moment.

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  1. Check out Booze Mart across from Target as well.