Saturday, May 12, 2012

One-Eyed Pike (Brainerd Lakes Beer, Brainerd, MN)

I wasn't a big fan of Brainerd Lakes Beer's IPA, so took me a while to get up the courage (and not be distracted by other stuff in the fridge) to try their wheat beer.  Probably didn't help the beer much, but finally giving it a try.

Stark white head on top a effervescent straw gold ale. Light sweet malt in the nose with a slight tang of wheat and an extremely light spice from hop or yeast--not sure.  Sweet bready malt and cream corn in the taste with a better mouthfeel that expected from the looks of it.  Wheat shows up as well as light sharpness.  In nose and taste there's a mineral note that doesn't blend well.  If you're looking for a half a step above your basic macrobrew, this beer is adequate.

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