Monday, July 14, 2008

Bir & Fud (Rome, Italy)


Bir & Fud is owned by the some person as the football pub across the street. We went over because that's were the food was. This was the only sit down dinner we did in Italy and it was fantastic. We just ordered pizza, but the waiter's recommendation for a potato appetizer was excellent as well.  The bar serves only Italian brews, so it was a good place to taste the best in the country.  Birrificio Troll Palanfrina was one of the memorable beers, made of chestnuts for the holiday season.  Interesting, very nutty, and, honestly, the only chestnut beer I've ever had.  Evidently, chestnut ale is an Italian tradition.

Bir & Fud is must do for the beer geek who wants a sit down dinner in Rome. It was a bit pricey, but well worth it.  I never got a feel for when to eat in Rome, so we were always too early. We actually went twice, though the service was better the first time when the owner sent us over. The next time it was different and harder to come by.

While I don't mind adjusting to the customs of another country, a beer menu with breweries and names would have been great, even in Italian, to be able to see what's on tap.  It's an upscale place, so I understand not wanting to have a beer board; however, a list on a menu wouldn't hurt.  I would think in a wine-centric country, such explanations would help the local clientele as well. Regardless, a great stop and one of the best food and beer experiences I've ever had.

12/10/12 update:  While I haven't been back to Bir & Fud, a quick look at there website seems to confirm that they are still doing a good job.  The beer list is front and center on the website and seems expanded from my visit in 2007.  Here's to beer in Italy.

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