Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MacKenzie Pub (Minneapolis, MN)


After not ever going to the MacKenzie Pub, in spite of being downtown for various activities, I went two nights in a row: Surly and Furthermore nights. If downtown, I tend to go to Rock Bottom down the street, but McKenzie's is a good alternative.

Very simply, the range of taps is adequate and it's a nice place to sit. The crowd seemed to be younger and hipper than me, but that doesn't take much.  I did find a couple new taps that I had never had (besides the S and F that I was there for), which new stuff is my reason for going to a pub.  If someone suggested MacKenzie's for a place to meet before ashow, I'd accept in a heartbeat, no problem.  I'd even order food again, which the pizza I had was very good and there are several other vegetarian choices to explore in the future.

Overall, a good choice. A very nice bar that's well decorated in an old brick building that has a lot of character and has good beer choices that were all well served. Not a problem going here, especially for future beer activities that guarantee new beers.

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