Saturday, July 5, 2008

Brasserie Beck (Washington, DC)


Brasserie Beck is all that you've heard: a very incredible, high end Belgium beer bar. To drink Belgian beers, I've never seen such an array of pure Belgian ales in the states. The manager, Thor, who I met as a bartender at Birreria Paradiso nearly two years ago, is the best beer bartender I've ever had for a drinking session and he is doing a great job at BB.

Thor wasn't around today, but today's bartender was friendly, knowledgeable and adjusted adroitly to not only  with me but happily found drafts for those who walked in dumbfounded by the choices of this beer destination. I ended up with four drafts of well served, unique beers. A fine afternoon at the rail.

Drawbacks: very high end as an establishment.  Walking by the lunch crowd, the meals looked fantastic--works of art.  I ended up ordering frites (Belgian/Dutch fries served with mayo and other condiments for those not acquainted) with three types of mayo blends.  I'm not sure how, but the mayo blends were fantastic--weird statement, but true.  I ordered the excellent frites because I really like authentic frites and I'm a vegetarian, so it was pretty much the only option. The bartender worked to give me several food options through recommendations and adjustments. If you're into mussels or a foodie, this is your place.

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