Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dogfish Head Alehouse (Falls Church, VA)


Very good stop at the Falls Church Dogfish Head, starting with and Alehouse 75--a mix of 60 and 90 min IPAs: I may have found a new favorite. Really an amazing blend, which I, on general principle, am against blending beer with anything  including other beer beyond a black and tan. Follow upped with a bottle of Burton Baton, another mixed ale of English brown ale with the 90 min that's then aged: fantastic beer and worth the trip to DFH to get it. In fact, I'm on a quest to get more of it asap.

Food at Falls Church was significantly better than at Rehoboth Beach, so it is a different place. The extremely knowledgeable beer geek waiter was hanging out chatting beer with us in between serving his other tables. Wish we had had more time to hang out until it slowed down. Alas, time is rarely the friend of a beer drinker.  Excellent pub to check out DFH mainstays and off-centered ales, especially if a trip to Rehoboth Beach isn't possible.

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