Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant (Washington, DC)


I haven't been in this Gordon Biersch in years, but it's worth the visit just for the tall marble columns that are the main feature of the restaurant. Very cool, light, open atmosphere and it's easy to get too from the Gallery/Chinatown metro stop.  It's just across the street from the Portrait Gallery and the International Spy Museum.

As always with GB, the beer is well brewed, but not very exiting.  The summer beer, Sommergold was light and overly grainy for me, but cleanly brewed. The Schwarzbier was a bit light for the style, but very refreshing in the heat of a DC summer. Clean and slightly roasty, the smooth, dark lager was better than I expected.  For beer, RFD a few blocks away is a stronger choice, but I like the food at GB better.

On this visit, their service was proven exceptional by an attempt to have a pineapple pizza.  Pizza is usually a good vegetarian option and my recent favorite is a twist on an old favorite: Hawaiian without the dead pig.  The first pizza was burned accidentally, so the manager apologized and bought me my Schwarzbier. Nice, but not necessary. The replacement pizza followed very shortly, and it was a Canadian bacon laden pizza--not an option, though it looked perfectly cooked. Third time's the charm and my perfectly done pineapple pizza arrived.  When the bill came, the pizza was also free--so, two beers and a meal cost me a bit over $5 officially.

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