Monday, January 30, 2012

Fire King Coal (Great Waters Brewing, St. Paul, MN)

Fire King Coal by Great Waters
Another growler that I picked up last week from Great Waters, and bought it solely from the sample I was offered when attempting to chose.  When I tried it, I walked to my car for my third growler because I didn't want to leave this one behind.  According to the Great Waters' website, this is a seasonal version of their Scotch Ale.

Head the color of the inside of malted milk balls bubbled up thick with very tight bubbles as it poured, and filled the glass to the rim. In spite of being prepared with my camera, it fell before I could get a picture.  Second night of the growler, it lasted a bit longer.  Color is similar to my mahogany floors but lots of light through and through yields a shimmering maroon at the edges. Smokey and burnt wood in the nose with an malty earthiness that's not peat.  Slight spice from either the 25 IBU hops or, more probably, the 6% alcohol.   Mouthfeel is light and lets the smoke rise above the significant and sweet malt. Smoke taste is present, but not overly assertive.  While a bit strong, the lightness of the beer makes it excessively easy to drink--half gone just for this review.  Good beer that I'm happy to have at home, but the sample was somehow more intriguing.  If possible, I'd really like to check this one out on tap and see what the difference might be that I seem to remember.

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