Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barley's Angels

Getting home after a day of teaching cherubs, I mindlessly scroll through Facebook and see a post for Barley's Angels.  With such a great name, I had to check it out.  As it turns out, five of my favorite beer friends had already liked it, so I guess it's not very new news.  

The Barley's Angels website reveals that this organization of local chapters supports the beer education of female drinkers. It's the consumer version of the professional organization for women brewers: the Pink Boots Society.  Lisa Morrison, aka the BeerGoddess, is the director of Barley's Angels and states in an article from Beer Northwest reprinted on the Barley's Angels website:   "Obviously, women don't need a club or group to enjoy a good beer, but the power of women together can transcend beyond the usual into a force that borders on the magical. When we combine our strengths and our imaginations and encourage each other to explore new and exciting beers with us in a supportive environment, we learn more, we create more -- and we have more fun. That's what Barley's Angels is all about!"

Imbibing with my wife, I'm often drinking lighter beers.  While I can be distracted by hype or a shiny new label, she is an uncompromising drinker who only hoists a pint if it's excellent and, generally, big and dark--a trait I admire.  While I can't be a member of either club, I applaud both organizations and love any bending of gender stereotypes, especially the one that says women don't drink serious beer.  For those in the Twin Cities who can join the club, they meet at a different establishment on the last Thursday of every month.  

Cheers to Barley's Angels.  

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