Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wake Up Call (Grand Teton, Victor, Idaho)

Listed as Imperial Coffee Porter on the menu at the Muddy Pig, the beer is a dark, black beer with a cream dark tan head that billows nicely in the tulip glass and leaves a nice lace.  Roasted malt, dark chocolate and fresh coffee grounds in the nose.  On the tongue, the coffee is acrid and lingers--great if you like coffee (which I don't), but can recognize the quality in the brew.  Tastes like an older coffee porter before many started using a cold press method to reduce the coffee bitterness.  Or, I'm just spoiled from drinking coffee beers at Town Hall using Peace Coffee.   A good beer that's a bit muddled in the taste, so I will end with this one and recommend it only to an all day coffee drinker.

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