Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Minobii ESB (Leech Lake Brewing, Walker, MN)

On a road trip to Grand Forks to see my nephew, we picked up some beer at Happy Harry's.  Among the northern samplings, I picked up the full array of Leech Lake bombers since I've only been able to get samples at Autumn Brew Review the last two years.  Minobii was the highest rated sample of my two opportunities, so hopefully it's a good place to start the Leech Lake reviews.

Big fluffy off white head piles up high on the second pour.  The beer is a hazy copper ale with golden highlights around the edges.  Big, spicy nose that radiates yummy notes that are almost Belgian-like inside of a creamy lace.  Peppery spice, lemon, mineral and light malt underneath.  Spice and carbonic bite gives the taste a strong bite, and the light caramel and biscuit malt plays underneath.  While a light looking beer, the mouthfeel is full and delicious.

Checking the BJCP guidelines, it seems to be a bit out of style.  Hops and spice are too high, but I don't think I care--I like this beer.  Reading the label, the Fuggle hops are to style, and I can taste the flaked maize and brown sugar.  7.5% alcohol is also above the style guidelines, but that's where the brown sugar went.

From to the label, Minobii is Objibwe for "drink and be merry".  An appropriate name for this very tasty beer.  Might not be an ESB by the numbers, but--oh well.

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