Sunday, January 22, 2012

Barley Wine Style Ale Pugsley's Signature Series (Shipyard Brewing Co, Portland, MA)

Dark brown opaque barleywine comes in at a medium 8.5%.  Bubbles up nicely with a luscious tan head that falls to a lace. Dark fruit, fig and malt that has a solid hop earthiness.  There's also a slight mineral aroma. Taste has a slight roasted malt and a strong hop bite.  Dry finish balances the sweet, full fruity body.  According to Shipyard, it's fermented with an English ale and it clearly has an English barleywine base, especially with the English hops Challenger and Fuggles.  Sharp bite probably comes from the Summit hops.  For me, the high hop seems to muddle the beer.

While the beer was a perfectly fine purchase from Happy Harry's in Grand Forks, the meld of the flavors doesn't blend well.  Not unhappy with the beer, but won't be trying another one.

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