Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blue Heron BrewPub (Marshfield, WI)

Before stopping at the Blue Heron BrewPub, I hadn't heard much about it. Overall, a very cool place in the Parkin Place. Beautiful renovated building you can read all about on their website. Lot of time and work invested to make this place look nice. Sit at the bar and drink staring at the brewery. Slightly upscale feel, and a menu with a wider selection for vegetarians. I had the Grilled Vegetable Pita, which was quite good. Think I'd go for a pizza next time, but not disappointed at all.

According to a friend along who frequents this place a few times a year, the Mudpuppy Porter is their bread and butter, and it's easy to taste why. All of the beers were good, but the Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout stole the show. Sip and enjoy a very woody, chocolate and cherry stout with almost oily winelike smoothness. Excellent and approaching OMG on this one. Take a friend--hits like a hammer. Enjoy.

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  1. Beer is a beautiful thing. It breeds conversation, camaraderie, relationships, memories, and opinion.