Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Pike Pub & Brewery (Seattle, WA)


Very first stop on my first trip to Seattle, so headed downtown touristy right off the bat. I'm a vegetarian, so only watch the fish toss w/o a purchase upstairs. Around the corner and down is The Pike Pub & Brewery. Walking in it is clean and well lit, but painted black in an industrial chic look. Random decor, including poker playing dogs on one wall. Big tourist shop in the front with T-shirts. Ok atmosphere with a few TVs around for sports.

Pete of Fish Philosophy fame

Three levels going up and the center piece is the brew tank on the second, smack dab in the center of the action with a brewer working behind the gated off area. Looked like the grain mill was upstairs or outside with a chute dumping directly in through the shops on the next level up. Pretty cool lookingand shiny. Great smell of a batch at full boil walking in the door, so that was nice.

Good news, all the beers were pretty good; the Weiss being by far the weakest. After a full sampler, I had drafts of the Scotch, XXX Stout, and Tandem Doubleall worth the effort, my favorites in reverse order listed. Went for the artisanal cheese plate of all local cheeses and honey. Good, but not enough bread and a bit expensive; however, that's par for all high end cheese plates. Ordered some of the steak fries as well since we'd just come from the plane, which were fine but nothing mind blowing. Good prices for the most part, especially for being in Pike Place. Parking across the street was expensive and small, located in the bowels under the street. Fun visit overall though.

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