Thursday, October 12, 2006

El Mariachi's Mexican Restaurant and Muskie Captital Cantina (Hayward, WI)

Old Hayward was the dinner stop on our bus tour, and driving up to the pub you see the giant muskie of the fishing museum. Might have to come back for that some day; the outdoorsman quality is apparent walking into the restaurant with animals large and small adorning the walls. Clean, well lit place decorated in a Timber Lodge theme. Since we were in a large group, the locals seemed pretty interested in us. Nice family dinner sort of place. Lots of steaks and fish. I ate some appetizers, deep fried and good, from the plate of a friend. Being a vegetarian, not a lot to eat here. My fault for being a veggie in the muskie capital.

Beer was all good, but nothing mindblowing. Good, solid, center of the road beer that's easy to drink a lot of, which we did. The American Pale Ale and Muskie Cream Ale were my favorites. While not a fan of cream ale, this one was a bit more assertive than itshould be for style and made it fun to drink.

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