Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thirsty Pagan Brewing (Superior, WI)

We stopped for a tour of Thirsty Pagan with a group of homebrewers, drank samples and drafts, and were on the road again. Very interesting place. Lots of cool brewerania on the walls from a local collectorHamm's beer, Northern Brewing signs, neon, etc.

Situated in an industrial part of town, it's not a place to impress yuppie friends. The brewery is behind a break wall and smaller than some of the more serious homebrewer set ups I've seen. In fact, it feels like a buddy who just went nuts decorating his basement and it turned into a brewery. Looks fun and I intend to return some night to see what it's like with the locals. Their food specialty seems to be a Chicago-ish styled pizza that the local homebrewers were eating with clear enjoyment. If you're look for good beer in a "blue collar know your name joint," Thirsty Pagan is a great place for an unpretentious pint.

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